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Senator Murphy Violates Logan Act – Will Our Two Tiered Justice System Find This Treasonous Democrat Unworthy Of Scrutiny; Let Alone Criminality?

U.S. Senator Christ Murphy (D) Connecticut 5th District Murphy Violates Logan Act!  So, what makes this any different from Michael Flynn who has been found guilty, lost his wealth,  position and freedom? SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as […]

The Logan Act – Trump’s #1 Trump Card

  Haven’t heard of the Logan Act?  200 years ago, someone with a lot of foresight and wisdom passed this law, and it could rout America of all of the traitors – particularly the billionaire scum like Soros, Rockefeller, Gates etc., and also get rid of the lesser mortals like Pelosi, McCain, Obama and others. […]