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If You’re In Senior Living, You Don’t Want This Guy Taking Care Of You Especially If You Care About Your Mom & Dad, Or Yourself If You’re Old.

Billy Chemirmir – Illegal Immigrant Healthcare Worker Senior Living Is A Big Risk With This Guy.  How vulnerable are people in senior living? It’s reasonable to say very vulnerable.  They are senile in many instances, weak physically so they cannot put up any kind of resistance, limited lung capacity so they cannot effectively cry out, […]

Mike Rivero Show – Go To 37 Minutes & Listen To How For Profit Medicine Got Started – Thanks Richard Scum Nixon.

Until 1973, it was illegal for hospitals to profit off of people’s misery until President Richard Nixon signed into law the Health Maintenance Organization Act (HMO’s).  Now the government’s thoroughly involved in corrupting medicine. Mike Rivero – 37 Minutes – Beginning Of Profits In Medicine – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees […]

EU Votes To Tighten Controls On Internet Speech! U.S. Is Next!

  The First Amendment in the U.S. Bill of Rights is “Free speech”.  It is not a benefit that Europeans have.  You cannot allow free speech in a totalitarian society.  It will undermine the power and tyranny (from the Greek tyranos or godless rule) of those who are running things politically, and expose the bankers […]