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Jogger Shooting In Georgia – Some Truth The Media Isn’t Covering.

  Ahmaud Arbrey – Perfect Angel from Georgia I’ve seen the Full Video: Ahmaud Arbery #GeorgiaShooting  in Georgia.  In the full video, it shows him running down the street in the direction of the white truck and the two men – one in the back of the truck and one on the street on the […]

1 Minute Video – All Americans Must Become Muslim – Are You Ready To Change?

All Americans Must Become Muslim!    This kind of indoctrination and subversive activity goes under the fake news media’s radar while anyone who is a Christian and opposes abortion or homosexuality is considered a religious bigot who is mixing church and state – forget having a moral standard.  Islam is being taught in government (public) […]

1 Minute Video – Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Says Illegal Immigrant To Be Part Of The “Blue Wave” Of Voters Who Will Restore The Democrat/Communist Dictatorship Of The Proletariat.

  If lying doesn’t cut it, then cheat, and if cheating doesn’t cut it, then club people to death and intimidate them in the streets, at home and at work.  That’s the best Democrat/Communist thuggery strategy going.  There’s nothing “deplorable” about the Democrats; they are quintessential degenerates of the first order of magnitude. Many Links […]