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What If Bankers Really Liked Bitcoin, But Didn’t Want You To Know It?

Ask yourself why Bitcoin is always pictured as a tangible gold colored coin?  What’s the difference between the two above coins?  One is real, and the other is not.  One can be held in your hand, and has a 5000 + history of being money.  The other cannot be held in your hand and has […]

1 Hour Video – Bitcoin’s Value Relative To Gold, Silver & The Dollar. Fascinating Possibilities!

Greg Hunter conducts a fascinating interview with Cliff High, former top mucky muck “techie” with Microsoft.  Imagine silver at $600 an ounce or more!  Imagine Bitcoin at 16,000 +!  Should I be chagrined because I didn’t buy Bitcoin at $5 a few years ago?  See link below: Bitcoin’s Future Relative to Gold & Silver – […]