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Vaccine Safety – A Thought Included Is A Video Of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Shredding The Pharmaceutical Industry! Includes CDC Listing Of 72 Mandated Vaccines.

  There are those who are against vaccines in any way shape or form, and there are those who swear by them.  Is there a middle ground?  I don’t think that there is anyone who would dispute the efficacy of the Small Pox vaccine.  Ask yourself though; as do current vaccines, did the original Small […]

Roundup The Criminals! Monsanto On The Ropes – Secret Emails Expose The Fake Science To Achieve Acceptance Of Glyphosate & Roundup Herbicide!!!

Legally Poisoned – You’re Dead!  This is scary stuff.  Remember, REGULATORY AGENCIES ARE SET UP BY THOSE (CORPORATIONS) WHO ARE TO BE REGULATED SO THEY NEVER GET CAUGHT FOR THEIR CRIMES LET ALONE PUNISHED!!!  The EPA has turned a blind eye for 40 years that they’ve approved Roundup/Glyphosate. Listen to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Del Bigtree […]