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Democrat Presidential Candidates

  We have two white old men running for the Democratic Ticket for U.S. President.  I guess that’s what the Democratic Party thinks looks like America?  What a bunch of hypocrites! Bolshevik Bernie Bol·she·vik /ˈbōlSHəˌvik/ noun HISTORICAL a member of the majority faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party, which was renamed the Communist Party […]

The Real Bernie Sanders

Aug. 13, 1963: Bernie Sanders arrested Chicago Tribune  reports police officers carry protester Bernie Sanders, 21, in August 1963 to a police wagon from a civil rights demonstration at West 73rd Street and South Lowe Avenue. He was arrested, charged with resisting arrest, found guilty and fined $25. He was a University of Chicago student […]

Video – Guillotine The Rich & Put Republicans In Gulags & Dispose Of The Constitution Say Bernie Sander’s Staff!

  Guillotine The Rich!  This is the solution for the Communist supporters of Bernie Sanders who will burn cities and kill cops if Bernie loses and if Bernie wins, good bye Constitution; good bye conservatives; good bye wealthy people (excluding the Marxist revolutionary pigs (read Orwell’s Animal Farm).  And, for a convoluted perspective of turning […]

Wealth Tax – Good Idea? Bad Idea?

    Do you support a wealth tax?  What is wealth?  As this writer sees it, wealth is everything that you hold legally in your possession.  That would include antiques, art, furniture, real estate, automobiles, clothing, appliances, cash, equities, precious metals, collectibles, options etc. So, a wealth tax is a tax on all of the […]

Bet You Didn’t Know How Close America Is To Being A Communist Nation – A Lot Closer Than You Thought – Very Devastating Article – Thank You Trevor!

  American Bolsheviks   Once the Communists take control, there will be no turning back, and for those who resist, there will be reeducation camps, torture, starvation, murder, death by a thousand cuts, vilification, impoverishment, denial of freedoms, slavery, thought crimes, politically incorrect and unacceptable speech and actions.  It will be so ugly that many who […]

Don’t Listen To This 28 Minute Interview If You Enjoy Being Ignorant About How Bankers & Governments Put Everyone In Debt & Leave Us All Poor & Destitute.

The person speaking is former United States Assistant Treasury Secretary.  He knows money, politics, banking and debt.  He saw it from the inside at a high level, and he’s on the people’s side, not the banker’s side.  He’s your friend, and you need to hear what he has to say.  He refers to Perkin’s book […]

2 Minute Video – Bernie Sanders Brow Beats Christian For Believing What Christians Believe

  Bernie Sanders is a hard core Socialist (which is anti-Christ and anti-Bible) and that’s o.k. for him to be that, but it’s not o.k. for this nominee to believe what he chooses to believe. It should also be noted that Bernie Sanders is another of many fake Jews who persecute Christians in the name […]