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The Real Bernie Sanders

Aug. 13, 1963: Bernie Sanders arrested Chicago Tribune  reports police officers carry protester Bernie Sanders, 21, in August 1963 to a police wagon from a civil rights demonstration at West 73rd Street and South Lowe Avenue. He was arrested, charged with resisting arrest, found guilty and fined $25. He was a University of Chicago student […]

How Easy Is It To Get Arrested By The Federal Government? Pretty Easy!

Easy To Break Federal Laws.  Who has more money and power; you or the Federal Government?  Who’s going to win in a dispute?  Do you think the Fed’s will play fair? Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, […]

Video Coverage By Ron Paul On The Violent Arrest & Kangaroo Trial Of Julian Assange. In Minutes He Was Tried & Convicted – Know There’s Swift Justice! Hey Hillary – Watch Out They’re Coming For You (In 2072)!

  Julian Assange – Violently Arrested & Convicted Within Minutes!  Hey all of you lefties out there, here’s what happens when leftist thugs (Democrats & Neocon Republicans) are in control.  Follow the money!!!  (Hint, hint, who prints it and prices it?) This kind of justice may even be swifter than Timothy McVeigh,s execution.  It just […]

Jesse Smollett Goes Free While Mother Of 3 Gets Arrested & Her Children Are Kidnapped Because Her Child Has A Fever – Hey SWAT Thugs – You Must Be Proud!!!

  SWATT Thugs Arrest Mom & Kidnap Her Children  Why did they do this?  One child had a fever.  Whoa – did you ever have a fever when you were a kid?  Did a bunch of black suited thugs force their way into your home and take you away for your own good? Many Links […]