What Would Or Should You Do?

If a wild eyed screaming maniac was running at you flailing a machete cursing you and threatening to kill you, what would you do? What should you do? The situation is obviously a dangerous one, and you would likely take flight, conceal yourself or, if properly prepared, you would defend yourself with forceful, and even violent action. Unless you are brain dead, you would not just stand there to see what would happen.

That is a very obvious situation, but what about something more subtle? What if a man wrote a book that was deadly dull and tedious as could be, and in it he told of his plans to murder you, and how he would go about it. Would you want to read that book? Would you want to know about that book? Would you think that book criminal? Would you complain to the authorities?

Now what if the book were about “you” in general and not “you” in specific? Would that make a difference? If so, why? If not, then the questions in paragraph two still apply. They (see who two paragraphs below) have written their plans in numerous tedious and boring books for their peers to read, but of no interest to you. (Search this BLOG for many listings of organizations such as the CFR, Bilderbergers, Illuminatti, Skull & Bones, Boule, World Federalists, United Nations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, World Economic Forum etc. etc. )

What if the situation were to be more subtle? Let’s say instead of violent attack with a machete, you were attacked with temptation? What if that temptation was debt? By utilizing debt, people can obtain legal possession without having outright ownership.

What if the people promoting debt were a group of, for lack of a better term, banksters? What if by plotting in secret, these banksters got control of the money supply. Inflation is the increase of the supply of money and credit. With that, people can realize paper profits quite easily. Let’s take the desire to own a home. You want to buy a house that is listed at $200,000. You borrow $160,000 to buy the home. The banksters have made the money supply generous as well as the credit, and so everyone is buying a house. After five years, your house has gone up in price to $300,000, but you only borrowed $160,000 on it, so on paper, at least, you have a $140,000 increase in your net worth.

Ah, but there is also what is known as deflation which is the decrease in the supply of money and credit. Let’s say another you bought the $300,000 house and borrowed $240,000 to buy it. Then the banksters decided to get stingy with the money supply and credit, and people could not afford to keep their houses, and they had to sell. Now, your house is worth $200,000 on the market, but you owe $240,000! You owe more than it’s worth! If you have to sell, you will lose money.

The banksters are notorious for this kind of behavior. They pump up the economy with lots of money and credit, and then they destroy the economy by reducing the money and credit supply. Then they buy from the desperate sellers at $0.20 on the dollar. They win, and you lose. Debt and financial losses cause stress, and stress causes heart failure and death. You just got killed by debt.

But wait, these criminal banksters have other gimmicks up their sleeves. They are eugenicists which means they think they are the superior ones, and you are nothing but useless eaters. They want to get rid of you. How do they plan on doing that? How about it they start endless no win wars, and they finance both sides so they have the spoils of the loser and the indebtedness of the victor. On top of that, they killed off a bunch of useless eaters. Not bad for a day’s work!

Of course, they have other tricks to play. Look at all of the chemical toxins they use to spray our food and put in our food – try reading the ingredients label of your food if you can pronounce the ingredients. This opens the door for the medical industrial complex to treat all of the maladies caused by chemicals. Medical malpractice and mistakes cause over 100,000 deaths a year in America. Don’t forget legal and illegal drug use killing millions. One of the newest assaults on both our freedom and lives is the COVID plandemic which is a lab engineered virus to make you sick and die. Then they developed the experimental COVID 19 shot! This BLOG is replete with information on vaccines. The shot kills and maims millions. Big pharma and big food all need that money the banksters provide. Additionally, big government falls into that category, and they tax and regulate everyone to death as well.

Just imagine, if you will, the scenario in the first paragraph, and then apply it to the banksters whose much more subtle and sophisticated machinations are doing the exact same thing! What should you do? What will you do?


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  1. NobodySAIDboo · · Reply

    what if a self destructive mentally defective race where at war with you by deception and you finally decided to fight them, man to man ?


  2. Another good question!


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