What Happens When Those Charged With Upholding The Law Undermine It Instead?

Antifa, BLM, Democrats, Communists – Criminals!

Do you own a car, a flat panel screen TV, a home, a business or anything of value? If you do, then you assume that the government will protect your ownership position from thieves, and if thieves should get their hands on your property, then they will be arrested and forced to return what they stole or make restitution as the case may be. As well, you probably expect that those people will be taken off of the streets so they don’t inflict, loss, pain or death on others in your community, or to you a second time!

In the 1960’s things started to change in America. The deception/decline was subtle and slow, and is now progressing at a breathtaking pace. Some of the subtleties included a change from recognizing that man was (inherently – built in) depraved, sinful, bad, whatever suits your interpretation without diluting its meaning. The change began by blaming people’s behavior on their “environment”. In other words, poverty was a major cause of crime. Today that has advanced to blame racism and white supremacy. For those who would like to see how Blacks have been used as a political ping pong ball being batted back and forth to suit the leftist complaint du jour; please obtain the DVD Uncle Tom II and share it with family, friends, neighbors and church members. It’s also possible to stream it if that is your M.O.

As a result of all of this manipulation nonsense which is undermining America like a flood on a sandy beach. today, there are D.A.’s (mostly funded by NAZI sympathizers like George Soros) who will not apply criminal charges, or at least not on a uniform basis. In San Francisco, you can steal up to $949.99 and only be guilty of a misdemeanor. In fact, law enforcement is not even prosecuting those crimes. So what do we see HERE is young “Blacks” involved in brazen theft in broad daylight, and nobody can seem to do anything about it! (Watch Larry Elder – Black & former California Gubernatorial candidate HERE)

The above example is just one of dozens of examples that preceded it. Let’s start with one of the most brazen of all. It’s called the Federal Reserve which was founded in 1913, and codified into law by the U.S. Congress. The Federal Reserve is in charge of America’s/American’s money. They determine how much it will cost (interest rates), and they determine how much will be available (credit and printed). Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan was “Knighted” by the Queen of England 9/26/2002 HERE, and in testimony before Congress that this writer remembers seeing/hearing, but has been unable to locate on internet searches, Greenspan said that he was not under Constitutional restriction from receiving the title “Sir” from the Queen of England, because “he was not a government employee or official”. Well, what does that mean? It means the the most powerful organization in the world and the people who run it, are not government, but private. You don’t vote for them, and you can’t get rid of them. For many years after this writer recognized that phone books were becoming anachronistic, but he retained one to demonstrate the veracity of that fact. In the back of the “white pages” of the phone book were two sections. One with blue edged sheets for government entities, and one for grey edged sheets – business entities. The Federal Reserve was found in the the business section – NOT THE GOVERNMENT section! So you have the Fed Chair telling you he’s not a government employee, and you have the phone company confirming it. What more do you need?

Now, when someone can increase the money supply even though there is no increase in production of goods and services, or increase the money supply to a greater degree than the increase in the supply of goods and services, then you have more dollars chasing those (in proportion) same goods and services, and that drives up prices. Inflation is the increase in the supply of money and credit, but to distract you poor schlepps at the ground level, they like to blame it on greedy business men causing prices to go up. This writer was born at night, but not last night, and especially not late last night!!!

So, the bottom line is that the Federal Reserve bankers are stealing from you. Do you care? What about all of the “pastors” of churches who have remained ignorant of politics and economics and as a result see their revenues declining because people can not afford to “tithe” to the church. This is at least the case with the poor and middle class to a large extent. Some people are having to choose between food and medicine or rent. Why? Because we have a corrupt government which has authorized legalized thievery through the Federal Reserve.

Ah, but it isn’t just the Federal Reserve that is guilty of this thievery M.O. (“modus operandi” – Latin for method of operation). Our government has also violated the intentions of the Founding Fathers of America by instituting a “direct” tax known as income tax. The income tax was also instituted by Congress in 1913 (the same year as the Federal Reserve). It was started for the purpose of covering up inflation, by taking excess money out of the economy. It was also set up to spy on and manipulate Americans everyday lives. How many people today give to charities or pay interest or whatever in order to get “tax deductions”? Not only is the government stealing from people through income tax and inflation/deflation, but they are stealing from them who have and giving to them who did not earn and do not have. It’s called “welfare” (a euphemism for the more insidious idea of Socialism). They also give taxpayer money to corporations to push a political/economic agenda such as electric vehicles which are very heavily subsidized along with the batteries necessary to store their power.

So, when you look at these somewhat more subtle aspects of stealing, you can start to understand how we’ve devolved into the $949.99 limit of stealing that is being overlooked. And, who gets hurt from that? Well, most of the Walgreen stores in San Francisco have closed. That means that people not only lost their jobs, but people who relied upon Walgreens as a convenient source of prescriptions and necessities, now have to shop elsewhere, and it may require much more extensive travel, expense, time and effort to obtain those things. More stealing!

Historically throughout America’s past, having private property protected was not only a reasonable expectation, but, for all intents and purposes, it was a fulfilled expectation. Why? A man named John Calvin (a French Reformer who angered the Roman Catholic Church) did a very scholarly and accurate assessment of Biblical teaching. He wrote a brief treatise – an acronym called TULIP. The “T” in Tulip, dealt with the “total depravity of man”. A brief summary of that understanding was written by St. Paul in the Bible’s book of Romans chapter 3 verses 10 – 18. He was highly influential on early America’s Founding Fathers and their thinking and legislation.

Do you suppose God knew something that the liberals have yet to figure out when He said “Thou shall not steal”? Or, this may be too much for some to imagine, could it be that the liberals see a benefit to all of this criminal insanity that helps them push us closer to a totalitarian state where freedom and prosperity are just a vague memory?

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