Daily Archives: August 17, 2022

Death Of Anne Heche – Some Very Suspcious Stuff On This Video! Was She A Threat To Some Very Powerful People? Case Closed Very Quickly!

Anne Heche video will leave you asking questions HERE (for relevant videos scroll down to news helicopter aerial view & then go to the next video as well). She did two controversial movies! One on chemtrails completed, and one in progress on Epstein type pedophilia which is mainstream in Hollywood! A longer coverage (3 minutes […]

Survey Of Life Insurance Companies Show That “Excess Deaths” Are Up On Average 35% Which Is 3 1/2 X’s A 200 Year Anomaly! Hard To Hide Dead People, But Government Will Figure A Way!

Excess Deaths In 2021 and 2022 HERE. The insurance industry cannot go on taking these kinds of financial hits – especially when investment returns are so dismal and the market is trending down. It is the estimate of this writer that the government will step in to save the life insurance industry with subsidization of […]