Do You Know Why “Nationalism” (Nationalists) Are So Hated?


There are powerful interests in the world – no one would deny that.  Who are these interests?  To be powerful, you need three things: money, political influence, and organization/connections.

Let’s examine these one by one.  To have money, you must either be a productive individual who has provided a good or service with  wide acceptance and distribution.  For that you will be paid well and have great riches.  There is also a non-productive way to get money, and that is to print it.  If you print money with no productivity behind it, you need the force of law to make people accept it.  This is what the central bankers have done.  Nation states have central banks who print money and compete with each other for a strong currency.

Next, you must have political influence.  Politics comes from the Greek word politice which means citizen.  Politics is therefore, citizenship.  It could be good, bad or indifferent citizenship.  It can also be individual or collective.  Government is always collective (meaning a gathering of people into a common ideology and/or goal and the achieving of those objectives by force of law.  The laws governing governments can be objective or subjective, and the difference is quite overwhelming.

An objective law, for instance, would be a command from the God of the Bible (outside of man’s authority and under God’s authority and word definitions) “You shall not murder.”  You, in this case would apply to any and everyone.  Murder would be defined as the premeditated unlawful taking of a human life.  That’s pretty straight forward and should not leave any questions for anyone.  A subjective law would be based upon man’s feelings, and/or majority thought exercised through  a law/government system that includes the  power to enforce those laws.  As man is weak and inconsistent and frequently flawed in his/her thinking, subjective laws make numerous allowances so that it might say; “You shall not murder except…”  Exceptions to that law then come into play such as abortion, political opponents, inferior persons etc.

Lastly, is “organization/connections”.  This is where the intricate webs are woven to snare the people.  Of course the most prominent and obvious would be political parties and the various institutions they organize and run such as, but not necessarily limited to; taxing authorities, regulative agencies, and court systems to adjudicate differences between parties either of a civil or criminal nature.  Beyond that, or should we say behind that, are other organizations such as tax exempt foundations like the Ford Foundation for one example.  Being tax exempt means not under the authority of the government, and therefore free to act unencumbered by regulation.  There are only a very few foundations that fall into this category.  This provides for the accumulation of vast sums of money which may be used overtly or covertly for whatever agenda the foundation sees fit.  Next, there is somewhat monolithic entities such as NGO’s which is non-governmental organizations.  NGO’s mostly have political agendas, although on occasion, they have philanthropic objectives as well (charities if you will).  NGO’s are generally out of the reach of government regulation, or at least any micromanagement.  NGO’s can and do lobby government leaders with the idea of influencing legislation which will limit, advance or alter human action.

Back to money; printing it with nothing (gold/silver) behind it makes for unreliable currency.  Money must have a store of value, and if you can print as much of it as you want, then you get more of it chasing the same goods and services which bids up the price.  If you have more, you spend more (at least that’s the way most people handle things in America).  The bankers use this unique power to finance government on a deficit basis (borrowed money) which then must be reciprocated with interest payments for which the taxpayer is on the hook.  It is debt, and the borrower is slave to the lender, so the power to control (set interest rates and the available money supply) money is the power to enslave.

Within that power, the legislators (law makers) must kow tow to the bankers for money, and therefore, they must legislate in a way that pleases the bankers.  How do they do that?  They tax and spend creating more powerful and bigger government (which the bankers are controlling) which infringes on people’s property rights, and freedom of action and movement.  Control!  That’s what it’s all about.  Now, the people don’t like being controlled, and they tend to rise up from time to time, and so, there must be some kind of release valve that will give the people a sense of self -rule.

The release valve comes in the form of political parties and/or NGO’s (organizations and connections).  NGO’s are usually focused on a narrow objective like abortion rights/pro-life, more welfare spending/ tax cuts,  unionism/right to work,  welfare spending/individual responsibility, Homosexual rights/Christian rights etc.  They allow for venting frustrations and making connections on an organized basis with those of like mind.  NGO’s need money, and money is not only fungible, but it is very trackable allowing for the bankers to see who is having financial success, and how they are using their finances.  Obviously NGO’s need a bank account, a checking account and maybe credit cards, so it’s all very closely supervised.  Cash is the only way to have freedom of action with privacy attached.  The bankers are trying to eliminate cash so that will never be an option.

So now, let’s get to the problem with nationalism.  Nationalism and/or nationalists are oriented toward a geographical boundary which defines the limits of political, financial and cultural influence.  The opposition to or contrast from nationalism is internationalism.  Another term for that is globalism and globalists.  In WW II, Hitler was a national socialist, and for a short while, he was allied with Russia and Joseph Stalin, an internationalist.  Communism is international socialism.  Ultimately, both Hitler and Russia were financed by American and European bankers to bring them both to power.  Anthony Sutton was an incredible historian who wrote numerous books on the powers behind the scene who control the world, and you can access his writings HERE.  These books expose the corruption of the bankers, NGO’s, secret societies, political hucksters and corporate hacks.  This link provides an excellent library of well researched and documented evidences of corruption and treason on a widespread basis in America and Europe.

Nationalism verses internationalism is the battle, and the internationalists are the proponents of world government at the expense of national governments, and that’s what motivates the bankers – world government – one world bank, one world government, one world military, one world police force, one world religion etc.  Bankers are constantly fomenting wars and financing both or all sides so they get the indebtedness from the victor and the spoils of war from the loser.  In all cases it involves nation states who are weakened in their sovereignty after war.  Bankers hate nationalism and nationalists, and they have indoctrinated the leftists of the world to hate them too.  Currently in America, bankers own over 70% of everything!  If they err, who will correct them and to whom will the people appeal?  Food for thought!


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