The Wisdom Of The Left – Starting With Nancy Pelosi – If Any Of These Makes Sense To You, It Is Suggested That You Have Your Lobotomy Reversed! Enjoy The “Pelosisms”!

This would be funny, if it were not so serious!

Pelosism 1

There’s more, and it only gets worse:

Pelosism 2

If you  haven’t tossed your cookies yet, keep moving:

Pelosism 3

If you’ve gotten this far, your gag factor deserves a special recognition – keep moving:

Pelosism 4

You must be a glutton for punishment – maybe even a masochist – keep moving:

Pelosism 5

Enough of Pelosi?  Here’s a couple of bonuses just to confirm that idiocy is not exclusive to Pelosi – keep moving:

Pelosism 6 Sheila Jackson Lee

Hopefully you’re not incontinent because this could get really messy – keep moving:

Pelosism 7

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