Transgender Athletes


Transgender athletes are being foisted upon everyone from junior high sports to the Olympics.  What does it take, beyond a “feeling” or desire, to be a transgender person?  It takes chemical administrations of hormones.  Anyone alive since the 1990’s or earlier, would recollect an Olympian by the name of Lance Armstrong.  Lance won more (7 consecutive Tour de France cycling competitions) than anyone in history!  There was a problem – he used “performance enhancing drugs”.  There are “drugs” involve in the “trans” procedure (Pharmacotherapy) also.

Are the drugs used considered “performance enhancing”?  You be the judge of that, and ask if a man who is becoming a woman (or a ze to te or whatever?), then does that whatever you want to call them have a distinct biological advantage over those who have not chosen to be transgendered?  To coin a phrase from Warner Brothers Bugs Bunny cartoons; “MMMMM Could be”.  If all of that is true, then the logical question is why have any distinction in athletic events at all when those born with a male biologic affinity (genetically predisposed if you will), are allowed to follow that path?

This is of course what the LGBTQI morality mavens  are seeking.  Once all of mankind is an amorphous, androgynous, nondescript, but generally script and hard to distinguish amalgam of protoplasm, then we can all be herded into the same sheep pen.  The next logical question, is who is the shepherd doing the herding?

Is it possible, that there are wealthy and powerful people behind the scenes who seek to control mankind?  Hard as that is to imagine for the naive of this world, one must recognize the possibility of that after witnessing Caligula, Hitler, Mao, Ceausescu et. al.  And, if that’s a possibility, then should we not examine who those people are and what the basis of their world view is?

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