More On Money & How It’s Manipulated To Enslave You. “I Owe, I Owe & So It’s Off To Work I Go” (In The Salt Mines).


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How the money magicians do their work
A couple of weeks ago in this space I discussed the myth of a “budget deficit” and federal “debt.” Judging by comments we received via email and in the comment section, this column generated some confusion.

That’s not surprising. It’s been more than a generation since the subject of government money creation has been truthfully debated in the mainstream sphere. It is nothing less than amazing how the official propaganda has made the American people believe such nonsense about “a budget crisis” and “the national debt.” How can human liberty ever be restored on such fraud and deception?

Everything is a joke unless we understand how the money magicians create money (credit) and enslave the world with it. If I could create money and buy your labor with it, you would be my slave, no matter what you think. This is exactly what the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve do. They will do anything to keep the American people from finding out how wealth flows to the government, not away from it. Have you ever wondered where the government gets the money to keep growing and growing?

The money merchants have a modern system of alchemy, wrapped in voodoo terminology, locked away from the public mind.

From where does the government get its money? Modern states all have paper currencies, which is a debt money system. All forms of government money represent debt. Modern governments would not and could not exist without both the power to create debt money and an income tax system.

The purpose of modern paper currencies (all forms, including computer symbols) is to transfer wealth to the government without payment by the government. The federal government creates modern “money” out of nothing and “pays” it into circulation for something. In other words, the government gets money (any amount of it) and passes it into the “economy” for goods and services. This is the same as saying that the government actually pays for nothing. It transfers wealth and production to itself for free. It pays not one penny.

Currencies are not money but symbols of money. When we hold green paper in our hand, it supports the illusion that money is substance. The currencies are even defined in world markets as commodities and traded as commodities right along with gold, silver, soybeans, corn, beans, etc. I have never heard or read where anybody questioned this. We truly live in an age of double think.

If you wanted to create a myth and make it real in the minds of the people, you would hitch the myth to substance. Then over time, the distinction between myth and substance evaporates.

When the people evolve to a mindset where they can no longer distinguish substance from symbol or substance from myth, the stage is set to change the greatest volume of money into pure symbols, unattached to paper.

The first step was to remove the gold standard. Now we have a global war on cash. Banksters seek to eradicate the very thing they created in order to profit from symbols without the need for any substance at all.

Even though modern money (bank credit) is a pure psychological myth, it is still substance in the minds of the people. The value of money, another psychological myth, is manipulated by changing the volume of money (bank credit). Since it is all a belief system or confidence system, at some point confidence fails.

Modern government money is electronic. How can the federal government have debt with electronic money that is nothing more than computer symbols that can be created to infinity?

Every egghead in the land believes that there is Federal debt. The Federal debt elves have gotten into their heads. They totally misunderstand monetary realism.

Oh yes, the Federal debt hoax has a serious purpose. It throws sand in our eyes to keep the people from waking up to the fact that the federal government just creates all the “money.” There might be an “income tax” rebellion if a goodly number of people discovered the Federal debt hoax. Come now, if you could create trillions in electronic money would you have debt? No, you wouldn’t, and neither does the federal government.

The method of money creation is witchcraft. It has been witchcraft for thousands of years. Modern economists and sophisticated eggheads only imagine that they understand money.

Money is not a dull subject. The study of money is a study of tyranny. It makes a mockery out of human freedom, property ownership and the accumulation of wealth. Once we understand money, we then know that any imagined personal freedom that we have is a license or privilege given by the government and taken away by the government. The purpose of money is to transfer wealth from the producers (the people) to the nonproducer money creators.

We will discuss this subject more in the coming weeks. For additional study you should read Money, The Greatest Hoax on Earth by the great monetary genius Merrill Jenkins Sr., if you can get your hands on a copy. It is no longer in print, but is sometimes available at Amazon. There is also our reproduction of Jenkins’ lectures in Money: The Single Greatest Lie in American History. They are available here.Bob Livingston
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™

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