Predictions For The Future – By 2050!

Insurance companies will dictate your medical care if you want their coverage, and therefore, you will be required to get immunized against dozens of diseases.

Government will dictate your choices of medical care in case you decline the insurance company’s dictates.

All pregnant women will be required to have DNA testing of the baby, and babies that are not acceptable will be required to be aborted.

There will be one world currency, and all money will be digital.  Using anything other than the official world currency will be illegal.  Anyone caught bartering will be subject to heavy fines and/or imprisonment.

Selection of products available to the masses will be highly restricted and very limited.  Quantities, qualities, color and style will be virtually non-existent.  The wealthy elite will not be limited in their choices.

World government will be headquartered in Europe and all nations will be subservient to it.  Control will come from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), and the IMF, International Monetary Fund, will be the enforcing arm of the world financial system.

All motor vehicles will be driverless except for tractors and motorcycles.

Large tracts of Federally owned land will be off limits except to the very elite and the government agents who administer them.

A very large part of the food chain will be predominantly or totally synthetic when it comes to meat simulated products.

Elections will be no more than a digital sham as people will cast their votes from their sofas over a computer, and only an elite few will be able to count the votes and announce the outcome.

The world population will be substantially mongrelized so there is no “white” race except among the very most elite and in the nation of Israel.

The world will be borderless, and everyone will be required to carry identification papers at all times and will show them upon the request of an official.  The universal I.D., noted below, will be required to be shown whenever a person travels by any form of public transportation, or uses any form of government services.

Everyone will be “chipped” with a micro chip that allows them to identify themselves with the below listed information and will allow them access to people and places according to their status and privilege.

Under the world government super state, there will be a super computer which will hold 1 quadrillion pieces of data covering all of the people of the world and to include, birth date, hair color, eye color, retina scan, facial scan, finger prints, dental records, political affiliations, miscreant behavior since birth up to present day, financial status, location of all assets and what they are.  There will be no secrets, and the elite will have full access to all of this information along with the government.

Robotics and artificial intelligence will take over much of the mundane duties that have throughout history been the purview of man.

To compensate for this, people will be given a guaranteed minimum income regardless of whether they are working or not.

The elite will rule with an iron hand and an iron fist.  It will be virtually impossible to hide from them or disobey them.

For a list of reading material that is entertaining, but also eye opening, consider the following:

1984     Animal Farm    Farenheit   451     Soylent Green      Brave New World

Some of these have been made into movies as well.


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