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Video – Money Out Of Nothing – G. Edward Griffin & The Creature From Jekyll Island – The World’s Greatest Ripoff & You Are A Victim!

Money Out Of Nothing!   You are a victim, and you don’t probably even know it.  Cost of living going up?  That’s one of the most corrupt and insidious taxes upon the people – it’s called inflation which is defined as the increase of the money supply.  When you can create money out of nothing, you […]

37 Minute Video – The Elite’s Plan For Your Life – It’s Ugly, Depressing, Oppressive & Must Be Resisted!

  Rich Tyrants Demand Your Respect & Worship!   This is the future if you sleep now, you will wake in a nightmarish Orwellian dystopia from which there will be no escape but death. Related video by my friend Aaron Russo (producer of the classic movie Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy & Dan Akroyd).  I.R.S. Rip Off!  […]