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6 Minutes – Candace Owens – Heard Of Her? She’s Black, Beautiful & Bodacious! She Ripped The Democrats A New One!!!

Candace Owens Black, Beautiful, Bodacious – Ripped Democrats A New One!  Democrats have lost a lot of Black support – that’s why they need to bring in massive new numbers of illegal immigrants who out of ignorance will vote them into office.  Candace is clear, concise, cogent, articulate and acerbic.  She is a powerhouse with […]

Documentary Video – The Maoist Revolution & How Today’s Politically Correct Movement Along With Condemning ” White Privilege” Is Similar.

Maoist Revolution Here In America?  Watch this video and get ready – it’s coming!  To accomplish this abomination, will require murdering 35 million Americans – that’s the historical norm for Communist revolutions; 10% of the population has to go!  Ah yes, you’re rolling your eyes saying to yourself this could never happen in America.  In […]

Black CNN Dufus Accuses Radio Show Host Of Benefiting From “White Privilege” – He Then Informs Her He Is Black (& He Should Have Informed Her She Is An Idiot Also)

  CNN Airhead Accuses Black Man Of Benefiting From “White Privilege”.  Can you dig it?  To coin a phrase from the greatest American cartoon hero of all time (Bugs Bunny) “What a charade!” Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – Pen Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he […]

An E Mail I Sent My Daughter Who Is In A Government College Studying Nursing.

  This email was inspired by something my daughter had learned in her “diversity” class. You were “shocked” you told us today.  I am concerned when my daughter tells me she’s shocked (look up the definition in case you chose the wrong word).  I didn’t get to fully make my point, but you should know that I […]