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Big Business Bankrolls Big Leftists!

Big Business Bankrolls Billions To Big Leftists Big Business Bankrolls Big Leftists!  Hopefully, this isn’t at the expense of higher prices for their products and services or a  decrease in their dividends for you suckers on a fixed income or waiting to claim your 401K or IRA. SCROLL DOWN Many Links Below – Become Informed! […]

30 Minute Preinterview – Megyn Kelly Didn’t Know All Her Lies & Manipulations Were Being Fully Recorded – Listen To Her Lies To Alex Jones – What A Witch!!!

  This exposes how hit pieces are constructed by the corporate (mainstream) media. Megyn Kelly is a quintessential liar and scuzzy witch.  PASS THIS AROUND so the lies of Kelly will be discredited along with the rest of her (and their) sleazy NBC’s Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly – liar extraordinaire! Alex Jones Exposes The […]