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NPR (National Public Radio) Reports On U.S. Supreme Court’s Unanimous Decision Against Civil Asset Forfeiture!

  Supreme Court Rules Against Civil Asset Forfeiture.  Why did it take so long?  How many people to this point have lost everything because a false signal was given by a drug sniffing dog at the prompting of the police handler? Many Links Below – Become Informed! Feel Free To Pass On Any Posts – […]

Indiana Solicitor General Can Take “All” Your Property If You Go 1 Mile An Hour Over The Speed Limit. Apparently, The 8th Amendment Of The Constitution Is No Limit On Him!

  Civil Asset Forfeiture Is Evil!  It is also a violation of the 8th Amendment which protects against unreasonable fines and punishments.  Wake up America before it’s too late.  The Democrats are hard core Communists, and this conforms to Communist thinking. Watch out for “Red Flag” laws.  Someone you don’t even know who for whatever […]

A.G. Sessions Calls For More Civil Asset Forfeiture – Hey, How Else Are The Police Going To Stay In Business?

  Why would the Attorney General of the United States call for more civil asset forfeiture?  Why would he encourage it to be done against people who have not been convicted of a crime?  Could it be selective punishment against those who disagree with government – nah; say it ain’t so!  See link below: Civil […]