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Who’s Listening To You While You…..? Apple, Amazon, Google?

  Who’s Listening To You While You….?  Big data is big business, and your business is what is feeding big data.  If you don’t mind your business, then nobody will mind your business until you do something that exposes you, and then you’re in trouble! The cleverest thing our government has done is to finance […]

18 Minute Video – Pre-Crime – Are You Guilty? England Thinks So & You Will Spend 15 Years In Jail For It! America Next – It Usually Follows England’s Lead.

  Thought Crimes, pre-crimes, politically incorrect, iconoclasm, individuality, personal opinions – are you guilty?  How serious is it?  Should you be allowed to walk freely in society?  Should you be re-educated?  Should you be allowed to be free?  Should you be allowed to vote and own property?  Should you be allowed to express yourself?  Should […]

10 Minute Video – You’re Going To Jail If You Don’t Fill Out A Piece Of Paper!!

  Yes, you are likely to soon become a criminal if you have cash, Bitcoin or any digital currency, or if you fail to fill out a piece of paper revealing all!  The video explains it, and below that is the actual Senate bill being proposed in its full text. Don’t let the thieves and […]

Getting Chipped Is Chipping Away At Your Freedom And Your Privacy! – 2 Minutes

  Some might say that this is the fulfillment of the prophecy in the Book Of Revelation at the end of the New Testament Bible.  Without the mark of the beast, you will not be able to buy or sell.  Scary thought if you’re politically incorrect.  If you’re a good statist sycophant with a little […]