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20 Minute Video – James Corbett Exposes Fraud Of Polls & How Used To Manipulate Mass Opinions & Force Mass Submission To Government Lies & Intrusions!

Mass Manipulation Through Polling – Tired Of It Yet?   This is really obnoxious, and this writer saw through polling decades ago!  How the question is worded, who is asked, who’s answer is recorded, who’s answer is not recorded are critical to the outcome of the poll, so you also have to know the bias of […]

13 Minute Video – Very Profane Language, But Very Eye Opening – Facial Recognition Required If You Want To Travel, Or No Travel!!!

  No Facial Recognition – No Travel!   This is a very profane  video, but the bottom line information is very important.  Tough out the language if you want to see the news reports.  Keep in mind that the elite who fly in their private jets never have to go through any of this TSA nonsense. […]