Syria News Flash & It Ain’t Pretty!


Assad announced to the U.S. that they want the uninvited U.S. military to leave, and they will take action to get rid of them.  The U.S. response?  They’ll be Hell to pay.  So, the bottom line is; the U.S. created, financed and equipped ISIS and put them into Syria so that the U.S. could have an excuse to come into Syria to get rid of ISIS, and when Assad was successfully getting rid of ISIS on his own, the U.S. said to leave ISIS alone, and then Syria asked the U.S. to leave their country which the U.S. invaded with no Congressional authority, and the U.S. said “Make us!”, and if you try , we’ll hammer you back into the stone age.  Now, here’s the big question; “Who’s the aggressor in this situation?”

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