Do You Know Your IQ? How About Your EQ Or Your PQ? Which Measure Is Most Valuable And Beneficial?


IQ = Intelligent Quotient which is a comparison between you and everyone else in the ability to be intelligent.  Intelligence is the ability to choose between, which means you must have a lot of input in order to make choices.  But it’s more than that, because you must have a brain  capable of absorbing and processing it all.  Measurements categorize people at the imbecile, idiot, moron, average, and genius levels.  Is IQ a sufficient measure of people?  Is it sufficient to keep that person out of trouble?  Have you ever seen a high IQ person going to jail, losing all, committing suicide or whatever?

How about an EQ which = Emotional Quotient.  How do you react to stimulus in your life?  More importantly, how do you control and utilize your emotions?  There are many emotions, and everyone is affected by them.  We have love, sympathy, empathy, affection, hatred, anger, frustration, anxiety, greed, envy, jealousy etc. etc.  Some people are cool calm and collected with all of these and have measured restraint and response with them.  Does their IQ dictate that?  Let’s put it another way, do you know any smart people who never lose their “cool”?

My experience says “No!”.  Whether it’s a high ranking politician, corporate executive, artist, professor, author, entrepreneur, or whatever (all with high IQ’s), they are subject to emotions, and they handle them differently.  These people commit suicide, get divorced, go bankrupt, become drug addicts or alcoholics etc.  Why?  Shouldn’t someone who has a high IQ be able to figure out that risky behavior, being controlled by your emotions and so on is not the best way to go.  Can’t they “choose between”?  Obviously, the answer is “No”.

What about a PQ which = Popularity Quotient.  Have you known anyone with charisma? You know, that special person that everyone likes.  They seem to have a magnetic personality that draws people to them, and they have an abundance of friends. Everyone knows them and likes them, and life seems so smooth for them.  Have you ever known a popular person who is depressed?  How about Hollywood stars and starlets?  They seem to frequently become despondent, alcoholics, drug addicts, recluses etc.  Remember Robin Williams who had it made as far as kudos from society, success in his field of endeavor, and all the material wealth you need to enjoy life to the fullest, and yet he had problems with drugs and committed suicide.  When you’re doing so well, why be depressed?

What about an MQ = Morality Quotient.  Here’s a bit of a controversial thought.  What is morality anyway?  Here’s my try at a definition.  Morality is the behavioral way in which one person, or group of persons, interact with and treat another person or group of persons within the context of current socially acceptable behavior and within the context of what is collectively considered “right” and/or “wrong”.  That is about as neutral a definition as you will ever run across.  What is not dealt with in that definition is any qualitative application.  In other words, there is no objective quality.  If the “collective” or the “individual” is determining the morality, then that would have to be considered “subjective”, as no outside source is making the determination.  How can you be objective when you’re in the middle of something, and seeing it only from your, or your collective, viewpoint.  You can’t.

What happens with those who have determined a moral superiority?  Have they ever changed their minds?  Allow an interjection here; all laws are legislated morality, and therefore, all laws are telling you what is “right’ and/or “wrong”, or put another way, what is acceptable and unacceptable.  How often do you see tax laws changed?  How often do you see tax, and other, laws favor one group over another?  In a dictatorship, only one person determines all of this, but for argument’s sake, let’s view it from a democracy point of view.  A majority of “persons” vote to determine the course of action as regards laws and legislation.  When a majority votes, are they always “right”?  In America, at one point in history, black people were held as slaves, and the law not only allowed for that, but if a slave escaped his/her master, and was in “free” territory, there was still a legal obligation to return that slave to his/her owner.  A majority in Germany, before it became a dictatorship in the ’30’s, voted for Hitler – were they “right”.

It’s o.k. for a majority in a democracy to vote to send young men into a war?  It doesn’t make any difference if that war is “just” or “unjust”, it only requires a majority to accept and implement it.  Have you ever seen those majority interests voting for war taking bribes from the military industrial complex?  Have you ever seen them take money from a foreign (even hostile) country?  It just happened to President Trump’s first NSA appointment, Michael Flynn.  NSA stands for National Security Agency, and he took money from Turkey which is a Muslim nation that is hostile to America, and has overtly threatened to infiltrate Europe and America with Jihadists.  How is that “national security”?  Maybe national security is “wrong”?

So, what is the commonality among the IQ, EQ, PQ, and MQ?  They are all flawed!  There is no way to predict the out come of these measurements.  Some of these people will do well, and some won’t.  What is certain, is that the flaws these people and groups exhibit have a term that describes it all.  The term is old and has never changed throughout history.  The term has been described from an “objective” authority who is accepted by over a billion people worldwide.  The term is “sin”.  Here’s a link to a short book that deals with the subject using an “objective” authority.  The Five Points Of Calvinism


Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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