Feeling Lonely?


Do you find yourself trying to explain reality to people who don’t know what reality is?  Do you find that you are out of step with the majority opinion?   Are you more often than not tempted to bite your tongue instead of speaking your mind?

Don’t feel alone.  This is not by chance!   The establishment does not want you to recognize that the emperor has no clothes.  If you start to see all of the inconsistencies in the “party” line, then you might be tempted to question the veracity of what you’re hearing, reading and seeing.  Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain (Wizard of Oz).  Don’t look at that dirt swept under the rug on which you stand.

Have you noticed that when you scroll the remote from one news channel to the next, that the stories are all the same, along with the same interpretations of those stories?   Have you noticed on the evening news that 80% of the ads are pharmaceutical?  Have you been hearing about all sorts of diseases and disorders that you’ve never heard about before?  Are there plenty of aids for depression?  When you hear the disclaimers of side effects, have you noticed that frequently, the side effect is the same as the item they are “supposedly” going to cure?

Try turning off the sound the next time you see one of these commercials, and just watch with no sound.  It looks like everyone is on vacation or a picnic, and they’re having a gay old time with no worries mate!  They’re smiling, laughing and enjoying life like they’ve never before.  Meanwhile, if you turn on the sound during all of this, they’ll be telling you of all of the deadly side effects and disorders that may occur.  Do you see a disconnect there?

Do you feel like pulling out your hair because this world doesn’t make sense, and not only that, but it seems impossible to change the landscape politically?   Is your economic situation deteriorating?  Have you noticed a decline in the quality of products and services?  Have you noticed attitude changes on the part of people in general?

None of this is by chance!  The following links, both video and articles, may help to enlighten you as to the thinking and people behind what’s happening in the world.  I might add that of many Bilderberger video documentaries I had, they’ve been removed.  There are many other players, but this is just a taste.

Edward Bernays – The Great Manipulator        Rothschilds – Criminal Banksters

Hillary Clinton As Sitting Secretary Of State Admits Who Runs America’s Foreign Policy

Illuminati – 6 Minute History       The Bilderbergers       Federal Reserve

– Pen

Pensamiento Peligroso writes the truth as he sees it, and if it upsets you, then it makes you think!

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